Auto Insurance

Changes to your life can impact the coverage provided under a Personal Auto policy (examples: marriage, divoce, business use of auto, retirement, auto injuries, etc.). Auto insurance is required by law in Minnesota, and it's best for you to know how your coverage will respond in the event of a claim before the claim occurs. Minnesota State Statute 65.B provides an overview of Auto Insurance in Minnesota. Please be sure to contact your Agent if you have any questions, or if you are unsure about any policy provisions.

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Ten Reasons You Might Want to Call Your Auto Agent

1. Discount Eligibility

Good Student Discount: Many companies will give credit to students who maintain at least a 3.0 Grade Point Average. A Copy of their report card, college transcript, or a signed note on school letterhead is often sufficient documentation.

Accident Prevention Course: Minnesota Statute 65B.28 subd. 1 requires that insurance companies must provide at least a 10% discount to drivers 55 years of age or older on their Personal Auto insurance premium when they complete an initial 8-hour accident prevention course, or when they complete a refresher course every three years.

2. International Travel

Driving to Canada: Contact your Agent to obtain a Non-Residence Inter-Province Auto ID card, which is required if you are driving within Canadian Borders.

International Car Rental: Depending on the company, coverage for vehicles rented abroad may be available.


3. Change in Use

Have you recently retired, changed employers, work from home or maybe decided to take the bus? The manner in which you use your vehicle affects your Auto insurance rates.

4. Loan Paid Off

If you no longer have a vehicle loan, contact your Agent to remove the lending institution as a loss payee on the policy. Claim payments for physical damage are made out to our customer and the lender. Keeping lender information current will help avoid unnecessary delays at the time of a loss.

5. Household Changes

Did you recently get married? Divorced? Do you live with another individual that is regularly allowed to operate your vehicle(s) or needs coverage under your policy? Have the kids moved out or back in? Auto insurance contracts define how coverage will be extended to others based on their relation to you, primary place of residence, and regular use of vehicles.

6. Vehicles That Are Not Titled to You Are Insured on Your Policy

You must have an insurable interest in a vehicle in order to obtain insurance for that vehicle. It is the responsibility of the individual listed on the vehicle's title to procure an Auto insurance policy for that vehicle. Vehicles titled to a business cannot typically be insured on a Personal Auto policy.

Additionally, some insurance carriers will not provide coverage for vehicles with a salvaged title. Be sure to discuss this with your Agent.

7. You Have Been Injured in an Auto Accident of Any Kind

Minnesota No-Fault requires that your Auto insurance provide payment for injuries sustained resulting from an automobile or bus accident. Other benefits may be available, too, such as wage loss. Injuries resulting from a car accident, whether you are the driver, passenger or pedestrian, may be covered under the no-fault portion of your policy.

Other Things to Keep in Mind: Sometimes there is no coverage on your Personal Auto policy afforded to unreported drivers of your vehicle. That could be disastrous for that person if they are in an accident in your vehicle. Be sure to coordinate all vehicles and applicable drivers with your Agent.

8.  Business Use of Vehicle

Personal Auto policies EXCLUDE coverage when a vehicle is used for business. Business use can include -- but is not limited to -- delivery of property or persons for money or fee, and auto repair services. Delivery of pizzs, packages or persons may void coverage under your Auto insurance contract. business Auto policies are available.

9.  You Insure Vehicles Not Listed on Your Policy

Coordination of coverage is essential for the purpose of your Personal Umbrella policy. Additionally, your Agent needs to ensure that the coverages for each vehicle are consistent and meet the minimum underlying requirements for your Umbrella/Excess Liability policy.

10.  You Have Other Vehicles Available for Your Regular Use

No coverage is afforded under your policy for vehicles that are furnished for your regular use. If you regularly operate an auto that you don't own, such as a company car, coverage under your Auto and Umbrella policies may not apply. A Non-Owned Auto endorsement would allow your personal coverage to extend to other vehicles regularly furnished for your use.